ANHUI DANGSHAN FRUIT FARM, which was located at one path of the Yellow River of the cisborder of Dandshan county. This farm was found in Nov., 1955, have had the history of more than 40 years. The total area of this farm is 2016 hektares, the length from East to Westis 16.4 Kilometer, and the width from South to North is 1.21 to 3.6 Kilome-ters. The whole area of the fruit is 1100 hektares. This farm is one of four big link fruit farm of the national, the mainly planting is Dangshan Su Pear, Hongxiangsu Pear, Zaomeisu Pear, grape, etc. Presently, the farm owning more than 2500 employees and 412 science and technology stuffs, among which, 35 is senior and secondary technique stuffs,75 is secondary technique stuffs, 302 is the elementary technique stuffs.This farm is including 10 fruitsub-farms, 5 general service units, one wine can industry company.The farm have 6 large economymainstay, Fruit, Can, Fruit vino, Beverage, Carton and Sanchan, etc. The farm was acrossing 4 provinces, Jiangsu, Shandong, Henan and Anhui, the geography location was very superiority. The Dangfeng highroad and Dangshan highroad goes through the farm and connects with the highroad no.310and Longhai railway. The phones which in the farm was connected with net of all over the country. The traffic and communication was very convenient.
Dangshan Su Pear of "FEICUI" brand which produced by DANGSHAN FRUIT FARM was approved pear thefood of green (No.LB-18-0405120551A) by The China Green Food Development Center. It won separately the silver medal, golden medal and the title of National name brand of the First, Second, Third, Fourth & Fifth China Agriculture expos-ition. It appraised "Famous Fruit of China" by China Fruits Circulation Association in 1998. It was obtained the name brand title of Anhui province in 2000 and awarded the "Salability products" of 2000' Kunming exposition of Chinese green food. "FEICUI" brand, the trademark of Su pear was checked and ratifyed and registered by the Trademark Offi-ce of China.Dangshan Fruit Farm had exported Su pear since 60 age. The products mainly exported to EU, HongKong, Macao and Southeast Aisa. And mainly sold to all big and middle cities of China. Presently, the farm have setted up a whole set industry system of production, hoarding, machining, packing, communication, transport, providing, selling, etc. Which was built up the local color lively.




Address:Place 12 kilom-eters north of the county to wn of Dangshan


Tel:0557-8540328 8540221